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PDFWAC 308-408C-100

Plumbing system.

An inspection of the plumbing system includes visible water supply lines; visible waste/soil and vent lines; fixtures and faucets; domestic hot water system and fuel source.
(1) The inspector will:
(a) Describe the visible water supply and distribution piping materials; drain, waste and vent materials; water-heating equipment.
(b) Report
(i) The presence and functionality of sump pumps/waste ejector pumps when visible or confirm the float switch activates the pump when the sump is dry.
(ii) The presence and location of a main water shutoff valve and/or fuel shutoff valve(s), or report that they were not found.
(iii) The presence of the temperature and pressure relief (TPR) valve and associated piping.
(iv) Whether or not the water temperature was tested and state that the generally accepted safe water temperature is one hundred twenty degrees Fahrenheit.
(c) Inspect the condition of accessible and visible water supply pipes, drain/waste plumbing and the domestic hot water system when possible.
(d) Operate fixtures in order to observe functional flow.
(e) Check for functional drainage from fixtures.
(f) Describe any deficiencies of these systems or components in the inspection report.
(2) The inspector is not required to:
(a) Operate any valves, including faucets of freestanding or built-in appliances or fixtures, if the outlet end of the valve or faucet is connected or intended to be connected to an appliance.
(b) Inspect
(i) Any system that is shut down or winterized.
(ii) Any plumbing components not readily accessible.
(iii) Floor drains and exterior drain systems, including but not limited to, exterior stairwell drains and driveway drains.
(iv) Fire sprinkler systems.
(v) Water-conditioning equipment, including softeners and filter systems.
(vi) Private water supply systems.
(vii) Gas supply systems.
(viii) Interior components of exterior pumps or sealed sanitary waste lift systems.
(ix) Ancillary systems or components such as, but not limited to, those related to solar water heating and hot water circulation.
(c) Test
(i) Pressure or temperature/pressure relief valve.
(ii) Shower pans for leaks or use special equipment to test/scan shower or tub surrounds for moisture in surrounding substrate materials.
(d) Determine
(i) The potability of any water supply whether public or private.
(ii) The condition and operation of water wells and related pressure tanks and pumps.
(iii) The quantity of water from on-site water supplies.
(iv) The quality or the condition and operation of on-site sewage disposal systems such as waste ejector pumps, cesspools, septic tanks, drain fields, related underground piping, conduit, cisterns, and related equipment.
(e) Ignite pilot lights.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 18.280.050 and 18.280.060(6). WSR 09-08-014, ยง 308-408C-100, filed 3/20/09, effective 4/20/09.]
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