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PDFWAC 308-408C-090


An inspection of the roof includes the roof covering materials; gutters and downspout systems; visible flashings; roof vents; skylights, and any other roof penetrations; and the portions of the chimneys and flues visible from the exterior.
(1) The inspector will:
Traverse the roof to inspect it.
Inspect the gutters and downspout systems, visible flashings, soffits and fascias, skylights, and other roof penetrations.
Report the manner in which the roof is ventilated.
Describe the type and general condition of roof coverings.
Report multiple layers of roofing when visible or readily apparent.
Describe any deficiencies of these systems or components.
(2) The inspector is not required to:
Traverse a roof where, in the opinion of the inspector, doing so can damage roofing materials or be unsafe. If the roof is not traversed, the method used to inspect the roof must be reported.
Remove snow, ice, debris or other material that obscures the roof surface or prevents access to the roof.
Inspect gutter and downspout systems concealed within the structure; related underground drainage piping; and/or antennas, lightning arresters, or similar attachments.
Operate powered roof ventilators.
Predict remaining life expectancy of roof coverings.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 18.280.050 and 18.280.060(6). WSR 09-08-014, § 308-408C-090, filed 3/20/09, effective 4/20/09.]
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