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PDFWAC 308-20-572

Inspection of schools.

All locations shall pass an inspection by a department representative which shall meet the following requirements prior to approval of application or renewal for licensure:
(1) A permanent entrance sign designating the name of the school.
(2) A time clock and time cards or other equipment necessary for verification of daily student attendance and hours earned.
(3) An adequate supply of hot and cold running water shall be available for school operation.
(4) Textbooks/teaching materials - Textbooks shall be required for each student in attendance.
(5) Lavatories with hot and cold running water, single-use hand soap and disposable or single-use hand drying towels or an automatic hand dryer.
(6) A school and salon/shop shall not be operated in the same location. A school and salon/shop shall have separate exterior entrances and shall not share an interior passageway.
(7) Emergency evacuation plans posted for staff and students.
(8) There must be a sufficient number of tables/desks and chairs to accommodate the registered students.
(9) Department of licensing safety and sanitation guidelines posted in all dispensaries and classrooms.
(10) Supplemental training space must be preapproved by the department.
(a) The supplemental training space must be located within two miles of the original facility of the licensed school.
(b) A duplicate copy of the school license shall be posted at the supplemental training space.
(c) A duplicate copy of each instructor's license with a current photograph shall be posted at the supplemental training space.
(d) The supplemental training space shall bear the same name as the original licensed school.
(e) Supplemental training space is only approved for theory and/or practice rooms. No clinic services shall be provided in supplemental training space.
(11) Schools must post a sign that contains the words "work done exclusively by students" or "all work performed by students under supervision of a licensed instructor" in the reception or clinic area.
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