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PDFWAC 308-20-571

Initial school licensure requirements.

The education and experience of administrators, faculty, and other staff must be adequate to ensure that students will receive educational services consistent with the stated program objectives. School directors/administrators must have at least two years of experience working in a school or in the business administration field. Prior to approval of application for licensure, any person wishing to operate a school shall meet the requirements in RCW 18.16.140 and provide the following to the department:
(1) An identification of owners, shareholders, and directors:
(a) Complete legal name, personal telephone number, and home mailing address of the owner, shareholders, and directors.
(b) The form of ownership; e.g., sole proprietorship, partnership, limited partnership, or corporation.
(c) Names, addresses, personal phone numbers, email addresses, and prior school affiliations if any, of all individuals with ten percent or more ownership interest.
(2) A school that is a corporation or a subsidiary of another corporation must submit:
(a) Current evidence that the corporation is registered with the Washington secretary of state's office;
(b) The name, address, and telephone number of the corporation's registered agent.
(3) Schools under common ownership may designate a single licensed location as the principal facility for recordkeeping via written notice to the department.
(4) If leasing a space, a copy of the rental agreement.
(5) A catalog, enrollment agreement and cancellation and refund policy in accordance with chapter 308-20 WAC.
(6) Sample of all monthly student reports.
(7) Listing of all instructors including license number and expiration date.
(8) A description of programs and course offerings in accordance with chapter 308-20 WAC.
(9) The school must furnish proof that they provide liability coverage for students.
(10) Days and hours of operation of the school.
(11) A signed fire inspection report from the local fire authority indicating all standards and requirements have been met.
(12) Schools must design and implement programs required under WAC 308-20-080 to include content, duration, appropriate entrance criteria, instructional materials, staff, equipment and facilities to prepare students for the program's occupational objectives.
(13) The school must submit an exact floor plan of the physical location which:
(a) Is drawn to scale showing placement of all equipment; areas designated for the clinic, dispensary, classroom, office and restrooms; and identify student capacity. The floor plan shall include the total square footage of the school.
(b) Is adequate to meet the needs of its students and the objectives of the program;
(c) Provides a learning environment with enough classroom, laboratory, and shop space for the number of students to be trained; and
(d) Is maintained in compliance with state laws and local ordinances related to safety and health.
(14) The school must have equipment, furniture, instructional devices and aids, machinery, and other physical features that are adequate to accommodate the enrolled students at all times.
(15) Schools shall only offer educational services that have been approved by the department: All new program or course approval and program revisions shall be submitted to the department in a format prescribed by the department for review and approval prior to the proposed date of implementation.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 18.16.030 and 43.24.023. WSR 17-19-049, ยง 308-20-571, filed 9/12/17, effective 10/13/17.]
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