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PDFWAC 308-125-025

Application process to register as a real estate appraiser trainee.

(1) Anyone who is not a licensed or certified appraiser or a registered appraiser trainee cannot provide assistance that includes analytical work and exercising discernment or discretion that leads to an appraisal conclusion.
(2) As a prerequisite to registration as a registered appraiser trainee, the applicant shall present evidence satisfactory to the director of successful completion within five years of the date of application of the following appraiser qualifications board modules of qualifying core curriculum of approved qualifying education:
(a) Basic appraisal principles, thirty hours.
(b) Basic appraisal procedures, thirty hours.
(c) The National USPAP course or equivalent fifteen hours.
(d) A course that, at a minimum, complies with the specifications for course content established by the appraiser qualifications board that is oriented toward the expectations for the applicant.
(3) Application for registration as a trainee from persons who have had either a real estate license or real estate appraiser license suspended or revoked shall not be accepted by the department until after the time period of the suspension or revocation has expired.
(4) An applicant for registration as a trainee shall present a completed registration form together with the appropriate fee and copies of core curriculum course completion certificates to the director prior to issuance of the approved trainee registration certificate.
(5) Registration as a trainee may be denied for unprofessional conduct as provided in RCW 18.235.130.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 18.140.030 (1) and (15). WSR 16-02-008, § 308-125-025, filed 12/28/15, effective 1/28/16; WSR 13-17-002, § 308-125-025, filed 8/7/13, effective 9/7/13. Statutory Authority: RCW 18.140.030 (1), (7), (8), and (15). WSR 08-17-016, § 308-125-025, filed 8/8/08, effective 9/8/08; WSR 06-06-069, § 308-125-025, filed 2/28/06, effective 4/1/06.]
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