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PDFWAC 308-125-020

Application process to take examination.

(1) Any person desiring to take an examination for licensure or certification as a state-licensed or state-certified residential real estate appraiser, or as a state-certified general real estate appraiser, must submit a completed examination application with supporting documents and appropriate fee to the department of licensing, business and professions division, at its official address. After the qualifications for the examination have been verified by the department, the applicant shall submit the preapproved examination application, the request for examination and the appropriate fee to the testing service approved by the director.
(2) At the time of filing with the department, an application for a state license or certification, the applicant shall possess the requisite hours of verifiable real estate appraisal experience. Experience shall be acquired within the requisite time. Qualifying experience shall consist of significant professional appraisal assistance under the supervision of a certified appraiser within the boundaries of the state of Washington except as referenced in WAC 308-125-095.
(3) An application and fee shall be valid for six months from receipt by the department. An applicant may correct any discrepancies in the application other than experience during this six-month period. After six months, if the applicant has not met the prerequisites to sit for the licensure or certification examination, the applicant must submit a new application with the appropriate fee.
(4) Dishonored checks will be considered as an incomplete application.
(5) An applicant shall forfeit all examination fees for any examination or examinations for which the applicant has applied and does not take for any reason, other than through the fault or mistake of the department of licensing or the approved testing agency.
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