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PDFWAC 308-12-085

Does my business need to register with the board?

If your business offers architectural services in Washington state, you must apply for and be granted a certificate of authorization from the board.
(1) To apply for a certificate of authorization, register your business with the master license service by submitting:
(a) The certificate of authorization application and fee. The application fee is not refundable.
(b) A certified copy of a resolution, if a corporation, or a formal statement naming the designated architect(s) of your business. In lieu of a certified copy of the resolution, the board will accept a formal statement in a documented format provided by the board.
(2) The designated architect(s):
(a) Is responsible for the practice of architecture by your business and provides the full authority to make all final architectural decisions on behalf of your business with respect to work performed by your business in Washington.
(b) Is responsible for the practice of architecture by your business and must be regularly employed in the office having direct knowledge and supervisory control of such work.
(3) If your business changes designated architects, you must notify the board on a form provided by the board of the new designated architect within thirty days of the effective date of the change.
(4) Your architect certificate of authorization renewal is due annually. The expiration date is the same as your renewal date for your business registration from Washington's secretary of state's office or department of licensing's master licensing service. The department will send a courtesy renewal notice.
(5) You must notify the board in writing of any address changes.
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