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Chapter 298-08 WAC

Last Update: 5/1/70


WAC Sections

HTMLPDF298-08-005General provisions.
HTMLPDF298-08-010Appearance and practice before board—Who may appear.
HTMLPDF298-08-020Appearance and practice before board—Appearance in certain proceedings may be limited to attorneys.
HTMLPDF298-08-030Appearance and practice before board—Standards of ethical conduct.
HTMLPDF298-08-040Computation of time.
HTMLPDF298-08-050Notice and opportunity for hearing in contested cases.
HTMLPDF298-08-060Service of process—By whom served.
HTMLPDF298-08-070Service of process—Upon whom served.
HTMLPDF298-08-080Service of process—Service upon parties.
HTMLPDF298-08-090Service of process—Method of service.
HTMLPDF298-08-100Service of process—When service complete.
HTMLPDF298-08-110Service of process—Filing with board.
HTMLPDF298-08-120Depositions and interrogatories in contested cases—Right to take.
HTMLPDF298-08-130Depositions and interrogatories in contested cases—Scope.
HTMLPDF298-08-140Depositions and interrogatories in contested cases—Officer before whom taken.
HTMLPDF298-08-150Depositions and interrogatories in contested cases—Authorization.
HTMLPDF298-08-160Depositions and interrogatories in contested cases—Protection of parties and deponents.
HTMLPDF298-08-170Depositions and interrogatories in contested cases—Oral examination and cross-examination.
HTMLPDF298-08-180Depositions and interrogatories in contested cases—Recordation.
HTMLPDF298-08-190Depositions and interrogatories in contested cases—Signing attestation and return.
HTMLPDF298-08-200Depositions and interrogatories in contested cases—Use and effect.
HTMLPDF298-08-210Depositions and interrogatories in contested cases—Fees of officers and deponents.
HTMLPDF298-08-220Depositions and interrogatories in contested cases—Depositions upon interrogatories—Submission of interrogatories.
HTMLPDF298-08-230Depositions and interrogatories in contested cases—Interrogation.
HTMLPDF298-08-240Depositions and interrogatories in contested cases—Attestation and return.
HTMLPDF298-08-250Depositions and interrogatories in contested cases—Provisions of deposition rule.
HTMLPDF298-08-260Official notice—Matters of law.
HTMLPDF298-08-270Official notice—Material facts.
HTMLPDF298-08-290Stipulations and admissions of record.
HTMLPDF298-08-300Form and content of decisions in contested cases.
HTMLPDF298-08-310Definition of issues before hearing.
HTMLPDF298-08-320Prehearing conference rule.
HTMLPDF298-08-330Prehearing conference rule—Record of.
HTMLPDF298-08-340Submission of documentary evidence in advance.
HTMLPDF298-08-350Excerpts from documentary evidence.
HTMLPDF298-08-360Expert or opinion testimony and testimony based on economic and statistical data—Number and qualifications of witnesses.
HTMLPDF298-08-370Expert or opinion testimony and testimony based on economic and statistical data—Written sworn statements.
HTMLPDF298-08-380Expert or opinion testimony and testimony based on economic and statistical data—Supporting data.
HTMLPDF298-08-390Expert or opinion testimony and testimony based on economic and statistical data—Effect of noncompliance with WAC 298-08-360 or 298-08-370.
HTMLPDF298-08-410Rules of evidence—Admissibility criteria.
HTMLPDF298-08-420Rules of evidence—Tentative admission—Exclusion—Discontinuance—Objections.
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