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PDFWAC 296-96-24160


(1) If the activation of the elevator is by key switch or key pad, it shall conform to the requirements of (a) and (b) of this subsection. The department may approve alternative methods of equal security such as key card or magnetic swipe card. Methods shall conform to the following:
(a) The key or code shall be entered each time to move the elevator.
(b) Key-operated switches shall be of the spring return type and shall be operated by a weatherproof cylinder type lock having not less than five pin or five disc combination with the key removable only when the switch is in the off position.
(2) If activation of the elevator is provided by a timing circuit that only allows the circuits to be initiated or unlocked for a sufficient amount of time to allow passengers to board the elevator and begin transit, a separate activation switch on the car is not required. The operating circuits shall automatically relock:
(a) If the elevator is not activated within its preset period of time;
(b) When any landing stop button is activated;
(c) When the preset timing period has expired and the car has completed transit to another landing or returns to the departure landing.
(3) Emergency stop switches shall be provided on or adjacent to the operating station.
(a) Stop switches in the car shall:
(i) Be of a manually opened and manually closed type;
(ii) Have red handles or buttons and be conspicuously marked "STOP";
(iii) Open even if springs fail when springs are used.
(b) Stop switch at other operating stations:
(i) May be of a momentary type;
(ii) Shall have red handles or buttons and be conspicuously marked "STOP";
(iii) Shall open even if springs fail when springs are used;
(iv) After initiation of stopping, the car shall not automatically restart. Run condition shall be manually initiated.
(4) Design and installation of control and operating circuits shall meet the following:
(a) Control systems based upon the completion or maintenance of an electric circuit shall not be used for:
(i) Interrupting power and applying machine brakes at terminals;
(ii) Stopping elevators when an emergency stop switch is open or when any electrical protective device operates;
(iii) Stopping a machine when the safety applies.
(b) If springs are used to activate switches, contacts, or circuit breaking relays to stop the elevator at a terminal, the springs shall be of the restrained compression type.
(5) Hand rope operation shall not be used.
(6) Radio controls may be used in lieu of wiring for all car controls provided:
(a) The system is set up so that it is fail safe (if contact is lost, the unit will stop);
(b) In such installations, the "STOP" button in the car shall open the contact, and maintain an open condition, so that the car stops in the fail-safe mode as described in (a) of this subsection; and
(c) The controls are permanently mounted and conform to code.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 70.87 RCW. WSR 18-18-070, ยง 296-96-24160, filed 8/31/18, effective 10/1/18.]
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