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PDFWAC 296-96-05140

Car safeties.

Car safeties shall be used on all material lifts that are suspended by wire ropes or chains. They shall be able to stop and sustain a car carrying 100 percent of its rated load. This shall be demonstrated during the acceptance inspection and test procedure with an overspeed or gravity drop test, minimum two safeties at a time. On lifts driven by rack and pinion machines:
(1) Car safeties shall be able to stop and sustain a car carrying 100 percent of its rated load.
(2) Car safeties will consist of a freely rotating safety pinion, an overspeed governor, and a safety device which may be mounted on the car.
(3) The rotating pinion driving an overspeed governor will travel on a stationary rack, which is vertically mounted in the hoistway.
(4) The governor will actuate the safety device when the downward speed of the car reaches the tripping speed and will bring the car to a gradual stop.
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