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PDFWAC 296-843-12005

Develop and maintain a written site-specific health and safety plan (HASP).

If your overall program required under WAC 296-800-140 Accident prevention program (APP), meets requirements of this chapter, you do not need to duplicate those portions of your APP in the site-specific health and safety plan (HASP).
(1) You must develop a written HASP for each hazardous waste site, BEFORE beginning hazardous waste operations, that includes at least the following:
(a) Hazard analysis:
(i) Identification and evaluation of on-site safety and health hazards.
(ii) A safety and health risk (hazard) analysis for each site task and operation that is identified in the comprehensive work plan.
(b) Organization chart:
An organizational structure that reflects current site operations, including the following:
(i) Establish and identify the chain of command.
(ii) Identify the site safety and health supervisor and other personnel responsible for employee safety and health.
(iii) Specify the overall responsibilities of supervisors and employees.
(iv) Include the name and title of the person with responsibility and authority to direct all hazardous waste operations.
(v) Include a site safety and health supervisor responsible for developing and implementing the HASP and verifying compliance.
(vi) Identify the functions and responsibilities of all personnel needed for hazardous waste operations and emergency response.
(vii) Identify site specific lines of authority, responsibility, and communication.
(c) Comprehensive work plan:
A written comprehensive work plan of tasks, objectives, logistics, and resources for site operations, including the following:
(i) Addresses anticipated clean-up activities and normal operating procedures unless that information is already available in another document.
(ii) Defines work tasks and objectives.
(iii) Describes how the work tasks and objectives will be accomplished.
(iv) Establishes the personnel requirements to implement the work plan.
(v) Provides for implementation of training, briefings, and information as required by WAC 296-843-200.
(d) Site control plan:
An up-to-date site control plan before clean-up operations begin to minimize employee exposure to hazardous substances and including the following (unless it's available in another document):
(i) A site map.
(ii) Establish site work zones.
(iii) How the "buddy system" is used.
(iv) The site communications plan, including how employees are alerted during emergencies.
(v) The site's standard operating procedures (SOPs) or safe work practices.
(vi) Identification of the nearest medical assistance.
(e) Personal protective equipment:
A PPE plan that addresses all of the following:
(i) Site hazards and activities.
(ii) Methods to evaluate the effectiveness of the PPE plan.
(iii) Criteria for selecting and fitting PPE, including work duration, use limitations of particular PPE, and medical considerations such as temperature extremes and heat stress.
(iv) Training on PPE use.
(v) Procedures for putting on and taking off PPE.
(vi) PPE inspection procedures prior to, during, and after use.
(vii) Decontamination and disposal of PPE.
(viii) Maintenance and storage of PPE.
(f) Additional elements:
(i) A sampling and monitoring plan (see WAC 296-843-130) that includes sampling of drums and containers.
(ii) Site control measures (see WAC 296-843-140).
(iii) Decontamination procedures (see WAC 296-843-150).
(iv) Spill containment plans (see WAC 296-843-180 Drum and container handling).
(v) Standard operating procedures for sampling, managing, and handling drums and containers (see WAC 296-843-180).
(vi) Entry procedures for tanks or vaults (see chapter 296-809 WAC, Confined spaces).
(vii) A training, briefings, and information plan (see WAC 296-843-200).
(viii) A medical surveillance plan (see WAC 296-843-210), that includes site-specific medical surveillance requirements.
(ix) Sanitation (see WAC 296-155-140).
(x) Lighting (see WAC 296-800-210).
(xi) Excavations (see chapter 296-155 WAC, Part N, Excavation, trenching and shoring).
(xii) Any relationship or interaction between other programs and the site-specific program.
The emergency response plan required by WAC 296-843-160 Emergency response for hazardous waste sites, is also included as a separate section in the HASP.
(2) You must keep a copy of your HASP on site.
For more information, see WAC 296-843-220 Recordkeeping and information access.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 49.17.010, 49.17.040, 49.17.050, and 49.17.060. WSR 18-22-116, § 296-843-12005, filed 11/6/18, effective 12/7/18; WSR 07-03-163, § 296-843-12005, filed 1/24/07, effective 4/1/07; WSR 04-02-053, § 296-843-12005, filed 1/5/04, effective 5/1/04.]
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