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PDFWAC 296-78-800

Crane rail stops, bumpers and fenders.

(1) Rail stops must be provided at both ends of the crane runway and at ends of the crane bridge. When two trolleys are operated on the same bridge rails, bumpers must be provided to prevent collision of trolleys.
(2) Bumpers and rail stops must extend at least as high as the centers of the wheel.
(3) Rail stops must be fastened to the girders or girders and rails, but not to the rails alone. This does not apply to portable rail stops. Portable rail stops must not be used as permanent rail stops.
(4) Rail stops must be built up of plates and angles or be made of cast steel.
(5) Fenders must be installed which extend below the lowest point of the treads of gantry type crane wheels. They must be of a shape and form that will tend to push or raise an employee's hand, arm or leg off the rail and away from the wheel.
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