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PDFWAC 296-78-795

Crane cages.

(1) Safe means of escape must be provided for operators of all cranes in all operating locations. Rope ladders must not be used as a regular means of access but may be installed as an emergency escape device to be used in the event of fire, mechanical breakdown or other emergency.
(2) The operator's cage must be located at a place from which signals can be clearly distinguishable, and must be securely fastened in a place and well braced to minimize vibration. It must be large enough to allow ample room for the control equipment and the operator. The operator must not be required to step over an open space of more than eighteen inches when entering the cage.
(3) Cab operated cranes must be equipped with a portable fire extinguisher which meets the requirements of WAC 296-24-590 through 296-24-59007 and WAC 296-800-300.
(4) In establishments where continuous loud noises prevail such as caused by the operation of pneumatic tools, steam exhausts from boilers, etc., adequate signals must be installed on cranes or one or more employees must be placed on the floor for each crane operated to give warning to other employees of the approach of a crane with a load. Where there are more than two cranes on the same runway or within the same building structure, signaling devices are required to give warning to other employees of the approach of a crane with a load.
(5) Cages of cranes subjected to heat from below must be of noncombustible construction and must have a steel plate shield not less than one-eighth inch thick, placed not less than six inches below the bottom of the floor of the cage.
(6) Outside crane cages must be enclosed. There must be windows on three sides of the cage. The windows in the front and the side opposite the door must be the full width of the cage.
(7) The floor of the cage on outdoor cranes must be extended to form an entrance landing which must be equipped with a handrail and toeboard constructed to the specifications of WAC 296-78-790 of this chapter.
(8) A copy of the rules for operators must be permanently posted in the cages of all cage-operated cranes.
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