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PDFWAC 296-307-25009

Protection an employer must provide for openings.

(1) Every stairway floor opening must be guarded by a standard railing constructed according to this section. The railing must guard all exposed sides (except the entrance to the stairway). Infrequently used stairways where traffic across the opening prevents using a fixed standard railing (as when located in aisle spaces, etc.), may use an alternate guarding method. In these cases, the guard must have a hinged floor opening cover of standard strength and construction and removable standard railings on all exposed sides (except at the entrance to the stairway). See chapter 296-880 WAC, Unified safety standards for fall protection.
(2) When employees must feed material into any hatchway or chute opening, you must provide protection to prevent people from falling through the opening. See chapter 296-880 WAC, Unified safety standards for fall protection.
(3) When practical, the area under floor openings must be fenced off. Otherwise, the area must be plainly marked with yellow lines and telltales hanging within 5-1/2 feet of the ground or floor level.
(4) Where floor openings are used to drop materials from one level to another, audible warning systems must be installed and used to indicate to employees on the lower level when material is dropped.
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