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PDFWAC 296-20-100

Eye glasses and refractions.

The department or self-insurer will be responsible one time for replacement of glasses or contact lenses only to the extent of the cost of restoring damaged item to its condition at the time of the accident. This benefit applies only if the worker was wearing the glasses or contact lens when the industrial accident occurred.
If glasses are repairable and a worker determines that he/she prefers a replacement, the department or self-insurer is responsible only for the cost of the repairs and the worker is responsible for the difference between repair and replacement costs.
Refraction to replace a broken or lost lens is only payable when it is substantiated that the prescription was not available from the broken lens or any other source. If the prescription is available, and the patient needs a new refraction, he is responsible for the costs of such exam.
If a refractive error is the result of the industrial injury or occupational disease condition, refraction and glasses or contact lenses will be authorized and paid by the department or self-insurer.
When broken or lost glasses or contact lenses are the only injury or condition suffered, the doctor's portion of the report of accident can be completed by an optometrist or other vendor furnishing the replacement. A report of accident must be received by the department or self-insurer in order to adjudicate the claim.
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