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PDFWAC 296-19A-570

What factors will the department consider when deciding whether to approve a nonaccredited or unlicensed training provider for Washington injured workers?

The department will consider all of the information received from the training provider in its application for a provider number, including documents provided pursuant to WAC 296-19A-560. The department will review this information to ensure that the training provider provides services that are consistent with chapter 296-19A WAC and RCW 51.32.099. Furthermore, the department will consider the following factors:
(1) Whether the training provider adequately supervises its instructors to ensure that they are qualified and provide appropriate training and instruction.
(2) Whether any students have been injured as a result of the training provider's failure to use adequate safety protocols.
(3) Whether any complaints have been filed by current or former students against the training provider or any of its instructors, and, if so, whether any of these complaints have merit.
(4) Whether the training provider or any of its instructors have ever been convicted of a crime, and, if so, the nature of the crime.
(5) Whether there is any other information indicating the training provider does not provide services to its students in a manner consistent with the objectives of chapter 296-19A WAC or RCW 51.32.099.
(6) In addition training providers preparing students for employment must address the following factors:
(a) Whether any of the training provider's programs allow a student to obtain an educational or occupational credential awarded upon successful completion of program, and, if so, the type of credential(s) awarded;
(b) Whether any of the training provider's programs have clearly identified program objectives, such as information regarding specific job titles the student will qualify for on completion of training, and the projected wages and benefits of those jobs;
(c) Training provider's job placement rate, including job title, wages, and benefits obtained by graduates; and
(d) Whether the program achieved at least a thirty percent completion rate and a fifty percent job placement rate in the three quarters following graduation for the most recent fiscal year.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 51.04.020, 51.04.030, 51.32.095, 51.32.099, and 2007 c 72. WSR 09-24-108, ยง 296-19A-570, filed 12/2/09, effective 1/2/10.]
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