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PDFWAC 296-19A-560

What documentation does the department require from a nonaccredited or unlicensed training provider in order to be considered for approval to provide training to Washington injured workers?

When a nonaccredited or unlicensed training provider seeks a provider number from the department, the provider must give the department all the following documentation, or its request will be denied:
(1) A copy of the training provider's catalog. The training provider must publish a catalog or brochure that explains its operations and requirements. The catalog must be current, comprehensive, and accurate.
(2) A copy of the training provider's enrollment agreement/contract. An enrollment agreement is any agreement that creates a binding obligation to purchase a course of instruction from a training provider.
(3) A description of the instruction program including:
(a) The number of clock hours of instruction, the method of instruction (e.g., correspondence, classroom, lab, computer assisted), and the average length of time required for successful completion;
(b) If instruction is calculated in credit hours, a description of the contact hour formula applied by the training provider; i.e., the number of contact hours applicable to each quarter or semester credit hour of lecture, laboratory/practicum, and/or internship/externship;
(c) For distance education training providers, the instructional sequences as described in the number of lessons.
"Distance education" means education provided by written correspondence or any electronic medium for students who are enrolled in a private vocational school in pursuit of an identified occupational objective, but are not attending classes at an approved site or training establishment.
(4) A document outlining the scope and sequence of courses or programs required to achieve the educational objective.
(5) A copy of the training provider's admission procedures, including policies describing all prerequisites needed by entering students to successfully complete the programs of study.
(6) Documentation indicating the total cost of training for each program, including registration fees, if any, tuition, books, supplies, equipment, laboratory usage, special clothing, student activities, insurance and all other charges and expenses necessary for the completion of the program.
(7) A copy of the training provider's cancellation and refund policy including:
(a) Cancellation before the training start date;
(b) Cancellation within thirty days of the start date; and
(c) Interruptions in service due to staffing or other reasons.
(8) The training calendar, including hours of operation, holidays, enrollment periods, and the start and end dates of terms, courses, or programs.
(9) An accurate description of the training provider's facilities and equipment available for student use, the maximum or usual class size and the average student/teacher ratio.
(10) The names and qualifications of faculty.
(11) A copy of the training provider's policy on standards of progress required including:
(a) A definition of the grading system;
(b) The minimum grades considered satisfactory;
(c) Conditions for interruption for unsatisfactory progress;
(d) A description of the probationary period, if any, allowed by the training provider;
(e) Conditions for reentrance for students dismissed for unsatisfactory progress; and
(f) A statement that a progress report will be given to the student.
(12) The training provider's policy towards student conduct, including causes for dismissal and conditions for readmission.
(13) The training provider's policy on leave, absences, class cuts, makeup work, tardiness, and interruptions for unsatisfactory attendance.
(14) Training providers that prepare students for obtaining employment, documentation of the training provider's completion rate and job placement rate, including the title, wages, and benefits obtained by graduates.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 51.04.020, 51.04.030, 51.32.095, 51.32.099, and 2007 c 72. WSR 09-24-108, ยง 296-19A-560, filed 12/2/09, effective 1/2/10.]
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