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PDFWAC 296-17B-430

Incurred loss and expense charge.

You will pay for the cost of your claims and their administration for those injuries and illnesses occurring during your retrospective rating enrollment period. You can protect yourself from high claims costs at the claim level with the single loss occurrence limit you select. You can protect yourself from high claims costs at the aggregate claims level with the maximum loss ratio you select.
Our actuaries will determine your incurred loss and expense charge by multiplying your losses incurred by the performance adjustment factor and 112.5 percent, which is one plus the claims administration expense factor, currently 12.5 percent.
Data from fiscal years 2020 through 2022 was used to determine the claims administration expense factor.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 51.18.005, 51.16.035, and 51.18.010(2). WSR 23-17-146, § 296-17B-430, filed 8/22/23, effective 10/1/23. Statutory Authority: RCW 51.18.010(2), 51.04.020. WSR 17-12-020, § 296-17B-430, filed 5/30/17, effective 6/30/17. Statutory Authority: RCW 51.16.035, 51.16.100, 51.04.020(1), and 51.18.010. WSR 10-21-086, § 296-17B-430, filed 10/19/10, effective 11/19/10.]
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