Chapter 296-17B WAC

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WAC Sections

296-17B-010Introduction and overview.
296-17B-020How to read these rules.
296-17B-030The language we use in these rules.
296-17B-040Which version of these rules applies to you?
296-17B-100Individual retrospective rating.
296-17B-200Group retrospective rating—Overview.
296-17B-210Qualifications for sponsoring organizations.
296-17B-220Qualifications for new groups.
296-17B-230Qualifications for existing groups.
296-17B-240Enrolling a group.
296-17B-250Employer qualifications for group membership.
296-17B-270Industry categories.
296-17B-280Enrolling an employer in a group.
296-17B-300Choosing loss limits.
296-17B-410Calculating your retrospective rating premiums.
296-17B-420Premium administration expense charge.
296-17B-430Incurred loss and expense charge.
296-17B-440Net insurance charge.
296-17B-500Determining your standard premiums.
296-17B-510Assigning claims to coverage periods.
296-17B-520Determining your losses.
296-17B-530Determining case incurred losses.
296-17B-540Determining loss incurred for each claim.
296-17B-550Determining your incurred losses.
296-17B-560Determining your hazard group and size group.
296-17B-600Performance adjustment—Overview.
296-17B-610How we determine the performance adjustment factor.
296-17B-620More about the performance adjustment factor.
296-17B-700Protest and appeals.
296-17B-710Account in good standing.
296-17B-720Prohibited conduct.
296-17B-740Refunds of standard premiums after final adjustment.
296-17B-760Coverage periods.
296-17B-770Common ownership.
296-17B-780Due dates.
296-17B-810Discounted loss development factors.
296-17B-830Expected loss ratio factors.
296-17B-840Claim types.
296-17B-900Retrospective rating plans standard premium size ranges.
296-17B-910Hazard Group 1 tables.
296-17B-920Hazard Group 2 tables.
296-17B-930Hazard Group 3 tables.
296-17B-940Hazard Group 4 tables.
296-17B-950Hazard Group 5 tables.
296-17B-960Hazard Group 6 tables.
296-17B-970Hazard Group 7 tables.
296-17B-980Hazard Group 8 tables.
296-17B-990Hazard Group 9 tables.
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