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PDFWAC 296-17A-7114

Classification 7114.

7114-00 Temporary staffing services: Warehouse operations, N.O.C. including incidental assembly work; inventory takers, N.O.C.
This classification applies to employees of a temporary staffing company who are assigned on a temporary basis to a client customer who are engaged in warehousing or distribution operations N.O.C. Products may include, but are not limited to, tires, mattresses, furniture, appliances, bricks, lumber, window sashes, bicycles, lawn and garden tools, lawn mowers, canned goods, beverages, pipe and wire. Employees assigned to this classification may do some assembly work such as, but not limited to, putting doors on cabinets and putting pedals, seats and handlebars on bicycles. Assembly work may involve the use of hand held tools to assemble goods. This classification contemplates that temporary staffing employees working in these warehouse operations may use hand trucks, powered and nonpowered pallet jacks and forklifts for freight handling. This classification also applies to employees of a temporary staffing company assigned to a client customer to do inventory work not covered by another classification; and to employees of a temporary staffing company assigned to work in a client customer's home improvement center, building supply center, masonry store, pipe dealer or similar business's storage yard or warehouse.
This classification excludes all employees assigned to work at a client customer's manufacturing, processing or production plant even though the employees do not operate equipment. A division of worker hours is not permitted between this classification and any other classification.
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