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PDFWAC 296-17A-1003

Classification 1003.

1003-03 Creosote works; pile and pole treating, dry kiln operations, pole yards, masts and spars yards and log home manufacturing
Applies to:
Businesses engaged in treating wood poles with creosote or other chemicals to inhibit deterioration, kiln drying of wood as a service for customers or for their own resale, producing wood poles to customer's specifications or for their own resale, producing wood masts and spars, and log home manufacturing/assembly in a yard operation.
Products manufactured or applied with preservatives include, but are not limited to:
• Utility poles;
• Supports for bridges/trestles;
• Piles to be driven into ground for support for a pier or other structure;
• Supports for sails and rigging on sailing vessels;
• Logs for log homes.
Work process/activities include, but are not limited to:
• Receiving in lumber or logs;
• Peeling of logs (mechanized or manual);
• Machining or turning of lumber, including cutting material into ties or cross arms;
• Drying/seasoning in kiln;
• Application of preservative, retardant, or insecticide treatment (heated, pressurized vacuum process in autoclave, or by surface application, spraying, brushing, and dipping, or soaking in tanks);
• Notching logs to assemble them together;
• Delivery.
Machinery and equipment used include, but are not limited to:
• Log handling and trimming/cutting machinery;
• Kilns;
• Autoclaves;
• Storage tanks;
• Wood finishing equipment;
• Hand tools (planers, grinders, skids, drawn knives, slicks, chisels);
• Trolley cars;
• Chain saws;
• Loaders/cranes;
• Fork lifts.
• Dry kiln operations that are part of a wood, veneer, or lumber product manufacturing or remanufacturing operation are classified in the classification applicable for the operation being performed.
• Worker hours engaged in all operations conducted in the woods, such as the felling of timber, are reported separately in the applicable logging classification.
• Worker hours conducted away from the shop or yard, except delivery, is reported separately in the classification applicable for the work being performed.
• Log home manufacturing performed in a sawmill environment using dimensional lumber is classified in 2903-12.
• Worker hours engaged in the erection of log home shells at the customer's site are reported separately in classification 0510-00.
• All other phases of construction are classified in the applicable construction classification.
For rules on assigning and reporting in more than one basic classification, see WAC 296-17-31017 Multiple classifications.
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