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PDFWAC 296-17A-1002

Classification 1002.

1002-00 Sawmills: Operation and maintenance
Applies to establishments engaged in the operation and maintenance of a sawmill. Sawmills receive raw logs which they usually store temporarily in their yard before cutting them into rough and finished lumber. This classification includes operations such as, but not limited to, loading raw logs onto the conveyor or log slip; sawing logs with a variety of head, cut-off, circular or band saws; grading and sorting lumber; drying green (wet) lumber; and the stacking and storing of lumber. The raw logs are cut into rough lumber, such as cants and blocks, or into finished lumber, such as posts, planks or boards.
This classification excludes all operations conducted in the woods, such as logging or use of a portable sawmill, which is to be reported separately in classification 5001, and establishments engaged only in the manufacturing of wood, veneer, veneer products, or lumber remanufacturing which is to be reported separately in the classification applicable to the manufacturing being performed.
1002-08 Shake and shingle mills - Automated process
(to be assigned by classifications underwriter)
Applies to establishments operating an automated shake and shingle mill which manufacture shakes, shingles and/or ridge caps using automated processes. For purposes of this classification, automated processes refers to shake and shingle mills equipped with automatic feeders on all saws, adjustable packing and cutting stations, and fully automatic systems for conveying material to work stations. All equipment must be equipped with automatic shut off switches. Within a shingle mill the operation of a trim saw must be performed by an individual as a separate function from that of the shingle saw operator (shingle sawyer is not to perform both functions). Shake splitters must be equipped with a gauge control mechanism which permits the operator to automatically set the thickness of the cut. Conveyor systems must have dual controls to allow the deck man and sawyer the ability to control incoming material to the work station.
Block mills must be equipped with an automated pallet dump to eliminate the handling of material to the sawyer work station or an adjustable scissor lift adjacent to the shingle saw or shake splitter. Blocked wood purchased by mills must be contained in pallets prior to entering the mill yard or premises. Log mills must be equipped with a fully mechanized log slip (used to move logs into the deck area), log levelers, stabilizers, and lifters must be present in the deck area, automatic deck cut-off saw, live deck for moving material from the deck to the splitting area and overhead mounted splitters. Trim saws, also referred to as clipper saws, must be equipped with a laser guide or quartz light. This lighting reveals to the operator where its saw blade is in relationship to the material being processed.
For purposes of this classification, the following terms or words shall be given the meanings below:
Automatic deck or cut-off saw: A large saw, usually circular, used to trim logs to a specified length (rounds) before they enter a manufacturing plant.
Clipper saw: A machine used to make shingle edges parallel.
Shingle: Roofing or siding material having sawn faces and backs, are of a standard thickness at the butt end and tapered finish at the other end.
Shake: Roofing or siding material having at least one surface with a natural grain textured split surface.
Live deck: A chain driven platform located in the same proximity as the deck saw and is used to convey cut rounds from the cutting area to the splitting area.
Log stabilizer: A levered device adjacent to the deck saw used to hold the log steady while it is being cut.
Log slip: A chain driven conveyor used to move logs into the deck area.
Laser or quartz guide light: An overhead mounted light above a saw that illuminates that portion of a work surface where the saw blade will pass or make a cut.
Log leveler: A levered device adjacent to the deck saw used to level a log automatically.
Overhead splitter: A ceiling mounted hydraulic, air, or electrically operated apparatus with wedge shaped end that is used to split log rounds into block wood when activated by the splitterman.
Shingle saw: A machine used to make shingles.
Shake splitter: A machine used to split blocks into shake blanks.
Shake saw: A machine used to saw shake blanks into a finished wedged shaped product.
This classification excludes all operations conducted in the woods, such as logging or the cutting and splitting of shake or shingle bolts, which are to be reported separately in classification 5001.
Special notes: Shake and shingle mills not meeting all the conditions as set forth above shall be reported separately in classification 1005 "shake and/or shingle mills."
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