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PDFWAC 296-05-447

Processing of complaints.

(1) All approved programs must establish procedures explaining the program's complaint review process. These procedures must comply with the requirements of this section. Each sponsor must give a copy of the complaint procedures to each apprenticeship applicant and to all enrolled apprentices.
(2) When the apprenticeship supervisor receives a complaint and the sponsor has a private review panel in place, the complaint must be referred to the panel unless the complainant chooses otherwise or unless the council concludes that the panel will not satisfactorily resolve the complaint.
(3) Once the complaint is referred to the private review panel, the panel has no more than thirty calendar days to resolve it. At the end of the period, the supervisor will obtain the reports from the complainant and the review body as to the disposition of the complaint. If the complaint has been satisfactorily resolved and there is no other indication of failure to apply equal opportunity standards, the case shall be closed and the parties formally notified.
(4) If the private review panel has not satisfactorily resolved the complaint within ninety calendar days, the WSATC may conduct a compliance review and take all necessary steps to resolve the complaint.
(5) If the review panel satisfactorily resolves the complaint but there is evidence that the equal opportunity practices of the sponsor's program are not in compliance with the requirements of this chapter, the council must conduct a compliance review and take all steps necessary to bring the program into compliance.
(6) When a private review panel does not exist, the WSATC may conduct a compliance review to determine the facts of the complaint and any other information necessary to resolve the dispute.
(7) If the WSATC believes that satisfactorily resolving a complaint requires a change in the time limits established in this section, it can modify the time constraints by adopting special processing procedures. However, special processing procedures must only be adopted when circumstances warrant them and only if they will not prejudice any person or party associated with the complaint.
(8) Equal employment opportunity complaints may be referred to the appropriate state or federal entity upon receipt.
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