Chapter 296-05 WAC

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WAC Sections

296-05-001Purpose, scope, and authority.
296-05-005WSATC officers, members, and administrator duties.
296-05-007Duties of the apprenticeship supervisor.
296-05-008Meetings and adjudicative proceedings.
296-05-009Apprenticeship committees—Composition, duties, responsibilities, and standards.
296-05-011Apprenticeship and training programs—Approval, registration, and objections.
296-05-013On-the-job training programs.
296-05-015Apprenticeship program standards.
296-05-100Records required by the WSATC.
296-05-103Apprenticeship agreements.
296-05-105Individual apprentice complaints—Procedures.
296-05-107Decisions against training agents for violating ratio, supervision and/or approved work process requirements.
296-05-109Apprenticeship program compliance reviews and sanctions.
296-05-200Apprenticeship programs—Cancellation.
296-05-203Equal opportunity in employment fundamentals.
296-05-205Reinstatement of program registration.
296-05-207Certification of apprentice labor standard on renewable energy projects.
296-05-400Equal employment opportunity plan—Purpose, scope and authority.
296-05-402Equal employment opportunity process.
296-05-403Definitions for Part D.
296-05-405Exceptions to the requirement for adopting an affirmative action plan and a selection procedure.
296-05-407Apprenticeship program sponsor's obligations.
296-05-409Affirmative action information required by WSATC.
296-05-411Affirmative action plan.
296-05-413Outreach and recruitment requirements—Specific.
296-05-415Equal employment opportunity goals and timetables.
296-05-417Selection of apprentices for approved apprenticeship programs.
296-05-419Qualification standards.
296-05-427Notification requirements.
296-05-429Existing lists of eligibles and public notice.
296-05-431Equal employment opportunity records of the WSATC retained by the department.
296-05-433Enrollment deficiency analysis.
296-05-435Data and information.
296-05-437Developing and evaluating enrollment goals and timetables.
296-05-439Failure to meet goals and timetables.
296-05-441Noncompliance with federal and state equal opportunity requirements.
296-05-443Complaint filing.
296-05-445Private review panels.
296-05-447Processing of complaints.
296-05-455Intimidatory or retaliatory acts.
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