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PDFWAC 284-83-210


For purposes of WAC 284-83-210 through 284-83-250:
(1) "Actual loss ratio" means a retrospective calculation and calculated as the benefits incurred divided by the "premiums earned," both measured from the beginning of the calculating period to the date of the loss ratio calculations.
(2) "Benefits incurred" means the claims incurred plus any increase (or less any decrease) in the reserves.
(3) "Calculating period" means the time span over which the actuary expects the premium rates, whether level or increasing, to remain adequate in accordance with the actuary's best estimate of future experience and during which the actuary does not expect to request a rate increase.
(4) "Claims incurred" means:
(a) Claims paid during the accounting period; plus
(b) The change in the liability for claims which have been reported but not paid; plus
(c) The change in the liability for claims which have not been reported but which may reasonably be expected.
Claims incurred does not include expenses incurred in processing the claims, home office or field overhead, acquisition and selling costs, taxes or other expenses, contributions to surplus, or profit.
(5) "Expected loss ratio" means a prospective calculation calculated as the projected benefits incurred divided by the projected premiums earned and based on the actuary's best projections of the future experience within the calculating period.
(6) "Overall loss ratio" means the benefits incurred divided by the premiums earned over the entire calculating period; it may involve both retrospective and prospective data.
(7) "Premium" means all sums charged, received or deposited as consideration for a long-term care insurance policy and includes any assessment, membership, contract, survey, inspection, service, or similar fees or charges paid.
(8) "Premiums earned" means the premiums, less experience credits, refunds or dividends, applicable to an accounting period whether received before, during or after such period.
(9) "Reserves" includes:
(a) Active life disability reserves;
(b) Additional reserves whether for a specific liability purpose or not;
(c) Contingency reserves;
(d) Reserves for select morbidity experience; and
(e) Increased reserves which may be required by the commissioner.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 48.02.060, 48.83.070, 48.83.110, 48.83.120, 48.83.130(1), and 48.83.140 (4)(a). WSR 08-24-019 (Matter No. R 2008-09), ยง 284-83-210, filed 11/24/08, effective 12/25/08.]
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