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Chapter 284-83 WAC

Last Update: 1/13/17


WAC Sections

HTMLPDF284-83-005Applicability and scope.
HTMLPDF284-83-010Definitions and standards.
HTMLPDF284-83-015Standards for policy definitions and terms.
HTMLPDF284-83-020Standards for policy provisions.
HTMLPDF284-83-025Unintentional lapse.
HTMLPDF284-83-030Required disclosure provisions.
HTMLPDF284-83-035Required disclosure of rating practices to consumers.
HTMLPDF284-83-040Initial rate filing requirements.
HTMLPDF284-83-045Prohibition against post-claims underwriting.
HTMLPDF284-83-050Minimum standards for home health and community care benefits in long-term care insurance policies.
HTMLPDF284-83-055Requirement to offer inflation protection.
HTMLPDF284-83-060Requirements for application forms and replacement coverage.
HTMLPDF284-83-063Notice to applicant regarding replacement of individual accident and sickness or long-term care insurance marketed by an insurance producer.
HTMLPDF284-83-067Notice to applicant regarding replacement of direct-marketed individual accident and sickness or long-term care insurance.
HTMLPDF284-83-070Reporting requirements.
HTMLPDF284-83-075Discretionary powers of commissioner.
HTMLPDF284-83-080Reserve standards.
HTMLPDF284-83-090Premium rate schedule increases.
HTMLPDF284-83-095Filing requirements.
HTMLPDF284-83-100Filing requirements for advertising.
HTMLPDF284-83-105Standards for marketing.
HTMLPDF284-83-115Prohibition against preexisting conditions and probationary periods in replacement policies or certificates.
HTMLPDF284-83-120Availability of new services or providers.
HTMLPDF284-83-125Right to reduce coverage and lower premiums.
HTMLPDF284-83-130Nonforfeiture benefit requirement.
HTMLPDF284-83-135Standards for benefit triggers.
HTMLPDF284-83-140Qualified long-term care insurance policies—Additional standards for benefit triggers.
HTMLPDF284-83-145Standard format outline of coverage.
HTMLPDF284-83-150Requirement to deliver shopper's guide.
HTMLPDF284-83-155Prohibited practices.
HTMLPDF284-83-165Form for reporting rescission of long-term care policies.
HTMLPDF284-83-170Form of personal worksheet.
HTMLPDF284-83-175Disclosure form.
HTMLPDF284-83-180Response letter.
HTMLPDF284-83-185Sample claims denial reporting form.
HTMLPDF284-83-190Potential rate increase disclosure form.
HTMLPDF284-83-195Form for reporting replacement and lapse of long-term care insurance policies.
HTMLPDF284-83-220Grouping of policy forms for purposes of ratemaking and requests for rate increase.
HTMLPDF284-83-225Separation of data regarding certain policies.
HTMLPDF284-83-230Loss ratio requirements for long-term care insurance forms.
HTMLPDF284-83-240Experience records.
HTMLPDF284-83-245Evaluating experience data.
HTMLPDF284-83-250Life insurance policies that accelerate benefits for long-term care.
HTMLPDF284-83-300Standards for protecting patient privacy rights.
HTMLPDF284-83-310Right of insureds to receive confidential health services.
HTMLPDF284-83-320Standards for the issuer's timely review of a claim denial.
HTMLPDF284-83-325Prompt payment of clean claims.
HTMLPDF284-83-350Standard applied if there is a conflict between a master policy and certificate of insurance.
HTMLPDF284-83-400Purpose and authority.
HTMLPDF284-83-405Applicability and scope.
HTMLPDF284-83-410Minimum standards for long-term care partnership policies.
HTMLPDF284-83-415Long-term care partnership policy exchange or replacement.
HTMLPDF284-83-425Producer education.
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