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PDFWAC 260-70-660

Furosemide and bleeder lists.

The official veterinarians will maintain a furosemide list and a bleeder list of all horses eligible to race with furosemide. The list is a statewide list that applies to all licensed associations.
(1) Furosemide list.
(a) A horse is eligible to race with furosemide if the licensed trainer and/or veterinarian determine that it would be in the horse's best interests to race with furosemide. Notification using prescribed commission forms must be given to an official veterinarian prior to the close of entries to ensure public notification.
(b) If an official veterinarian so orders, a horse placed on the furosemide list will be placed in detention in its regularly assigned stall, no later than four hours prior to the scheduled post time for any race in which it is entered to start, and with oral or written notification to the trainer may be watched by commission staff. Once placed in detention, a horse must remain in its barn or on its assigned hotwalker until it is taken to the receiving barn or to the paddock to be saddled for the race, except that the stewards may permit a horse to leave detention to engage in exercise blowouts or warm-up heats.
(c) The confirmation of a horse eligible to race with furosemide must be certified in writing by an official veterinarian and entered on the furosemide list. Copies of the certification will be issued to the owner of the horse or the owner's designee upon request.
(d) Every horse eligible to race with furosemide, regardless of age, will be placed on the furosemide list.
(e) A horse placed on the official furosemide list must remain on that list unless the licensed trainer and/or veterinarian submit(s) a written request to remove the horse from the list. The request must be on commissioned-approved forms and must be submitted to an official veterinarian no later than time of entry. After a horse has been removed from the furosemide list, the horse may not be placed back on the list for a period of sixty calendar days unless determined to be detrimental to the welfare of the horse, in consultation with an official veterinarian. If a horse is removed from the official furosemide list a second time in a three hundred sixty-five day period, the horse may not be placed back on the list for a period of ninety calendar days.
(2) Bleeder list.
(a) An official veterinarian will maintain a bleeder list of all horses, which have demonstrated external evidence of exercise induced pulmonary hemorrhage from one or both nostrils during or after a race or workout as observed by an official veterinarian.
(b) Following an incident of bleeding that is confirmed to be as a result of exercise induced pulmonary hemorrhage, the horse, regardless of age, must be placed on the bleeder list and is ineligible to race for the following time periods:
(i) First incident - fourteen days;
(ii) Second incident within three hundred and sixty-five day period - thirty days;
(iii) Third incident within three hundred and sixty-five day period - one hundred and eighty days;
(iv) Fourth incident within three hundred and sixty-five day period - barred from racing for life.
(c) For the purposes of counting the number of days a horse is ineligible to run, the day the horse bled externally is the first day of the ineligibility period.
(d) The voluntary administration of furosemide without an external bleeding incident will not subject the horse to the initial period of ineligibility as defined by this policy.
(e) Every horse that is confirmed a bleeder will have a notation affixed to the horse's certificate of registration.
(f) A horse may be removed from the bleeder list only upon the direction of an official veterinarian.
(3) A horse which has been placed on a furosemide or bleeder list in another jurisdiction may be placed on the furosemide list in this jurisdiction.
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