Chapter 260-70 WAC

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WAC Sections

260-70-500Definitions applicable to chapter 260-70 WAC.
260-70-510Equine health and safety.
260-70-540Veterinarians' reports.
260-70-545Prohibited practices.
260-70-550Medication labeling.
260-70-555Veterinarian practices.
260-70-560Treatment restrictions.
260-70-570All horses are subject to inspection.
260-70-575Out of competition testing.
260-70-580Official veterinarian's list.
260-70-590Reporting to the test barn.
260-70-600Sample collection.
260-70-610Storage and shipment of split samples.
260-70-620Medication restrictions.
260-70-630Threshold levels.
260-70-635Environmental substances.
260-70-640Permitted medication.
260-70-660Furosemide and bleeder lists.
260-70-665Hair testing.
260-70-675Bicarbonate testing.
260-70-680Uniform classification guidelines.
260-70-685Alphabetical listing of all drugs, medications, and foreign substances.
260-70-710Voiding track record.
260-70-720Posterior digital neurectomy.
260-70-730Postmortem examination.
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