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PDFWAC 260-70-580

Official veterinarian's list.

(1) An official veterinarian will maintain a list of all horses determined by an official veterinarian to be unfit to compete in a race due to illness, physical distress, unsoundness, infirmity or other medical condition.
(2) A horse may be removed from the veterinarian's list when an official veterinarian determines the horse is capable of competing in a race.
(a) Horses placed on the veterinarian's list that are required to work prior to being removed from the list will remain on the list for a minimum of seven days. (For purposes of counting days, the first day is the day the horse is placed on the veterinarian's list.)
(b) Horses that must work to be removed from the veterinary list due to soreness, lameness, or certain injuries will be allowed to work no sooner than the eighth day after being placed on the list.
(i) Works should be scheduled with an official veterinarian twenty-four hours in advance.
(ii) The official veterinarian may require a physical exam prior to approving a work and following the work to assess soundness for racing.
(iii) Horses must work a minimum distance to be determined by an official veterinarian in a time comparable for the track condition that day.
(iv) A blood test will be taken by an official veterinarian following the workout and medications levels may not exceed permitted post-race levels. The horse may be allowed to enter "conditionally" prior to the report from the testing laboratory. If the sample is reported to exceed a post-race allowable threshold for an approved medication, the horse will be scratched.
(c) Horses placed on the veterinarian's list that are not required to work may not race for a minimum of thirteen days from the date placed on the list. (For purposes of counting days, the first day is the day the horse is placed on the veterinarian's list.)
(d) Any horse that appears on the veterinarian's list from a recognized jurisdiction will be reported to the board of stewards and/or the official veterinarian. Horses listed are ineligible to race in Washington until approved by an official veterinarian.
(i) An attempt will be made to contact the jurisdiction in which the horse appears on the list to facilitate the process to have the horse removed from the list.
(ii) A horse that appears on any veterinarian's list for any soundness issues will be required to comply with this chapter's requirements for removal from the list, unless the jurisdiction where the horse was placed on the official veterinarian's list has more stringent requirements than this chapter, then the horse must meet those requirements before removal.
(iii) A horse that appears on a veterinarian's list for other reasons may be removed after approval of an official veterinarian.
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