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PDFWAC 260-70-570

All horses are subject to inspection.

All horses at locations under the jurisdiction of the commission are subject to inspections at the discretion of the stewards or an official veterinarian.
(1) The trainer of each horse or a representative of the trainer must present the horse for inspection as required by an official veterinarian.
(a) The inspection shall be conducted by an official veterinarian.
(b) The horse shall be in the trainers assigned stable area unless the official veterinarian is notified prior to the time of inspections.
(c) Every horse to be inspected shall have its legs cleaned of any poultice or other topical applications.
(d) The horse must be free of bandages, or wearing bandages that are easily removed.
(e) The horse must not have been subjected to freezing, icing, or prolonged hosing with cold water, or any other means of reducing the temperature of the legs on the day it is scheduled to be inspected until the inspection has been completed.
(2) The assessment of a horse's racing condition will be based on the recommendations of the American Association of Equine Practitioners and may include:
(a) Proper identification of the horse;
(b) Observation of each horse in motion;
(c) Manual palpation when indicated;
(d) Close observation in the paddock and saddling area, during the parade to post and at the starting gate; and
(e) Any other inspection deemed necessary by an official veterinarian.
(3) An official veterinarian will maintain a continuing health and racing soundness record of each horse inspected.
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