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PDFWAC 260-44-120

Weighing in—Weigh in/weigh out—Tolerances—Penalties.

(1) Each jockey will weigh in at no less than the same weight he/she weighed out. If a jockey is under the weight that is assigned, and after consideration of mitigating circumstances by the board of stewards, his/her mount may be disqualified. If a weight discrepancy arises after a race has been declared official, a change in the order of finish will not affect the parimutuel payoffs.
(2) The post race weighing in of jockeys includes safety vest, helmet, sweat, dirt and mud that have accumulated on the jockey, jockey's clothing, and jockey's safety equipment. This may account for additional weight, depending on specific equipment as well as weather and track condition.
(3) A notice shall be included in the official program that all jockeys will carry approximately three pounds more than published weight to account for safety equipment (vest and helmet), that is not included in weighing out procedures. Additionally, upon approval jockeys may weigh an additional two pounds for inclement weather gear.
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