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PDFWAC 260-44-150


(1) A horse starting in a race must be fully shod with racing plates, unless approval, as described in this subsection, is obtained to allow for any other condition relating to horseshoes. Horses racing partially, or completely unshod, must be approved by the official veterinarian, declared at time of entry and noted in the official program with the following exception:
The board of stewards, in consultation with the official veterinarian and the trainer, may allow a horse to race when it has been discovered the horse has loosened or lost a shoe in the receiving barn or paddock and a repair cannot be done. If the stewards allow a horse to run unshod, the public must be notified immediately.
(2) During off-track conditions the trainer is required to report any additional traction devices to the board of stewards or designee.
(3) For turf racing, horses must be shod with racing plates approved by the association.
(4) Toe grabs with a height greater than two millimeters, worn on the front shoes of thoroughbred horses while racing or training on any surface or conditions are prohibited.
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