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PDFWAC 250-84-030

Eligible applicant.

(1) Washington students in 2007-08 and thereafter may apply who are:
(a) Enrolled in the seventh and eighth grade in a public or private school as approved by chapter 28A.195 RCW or home school as defined by chapter 28A.200 RCW; and
(b) Meet the income eligibility as defined in subsection (2) of this section.
Eligible students enrolled in eighth grade in 2007-08 were granted a one-time extension to sign the pledge during the 2008-2009 school year as ninth graders.
(2) Seventh or eighth grade students are eligible to apply if one of these requirements are met:
(a) Family income falls within the monthly or annual standards set by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) for eligibility for participation in the free or reduced price lunch program (FRPL); or
(b) Student participates in the free or reduced price lunch program; or
(c) Family receives TANF benefits; or
(d) Student is a foster youth.
To determine eligibility in unusual circumstances, or for assistance in defining household size, foster youth status, and other criteria, the board will refer students and families to the district or school staff who oversee FRPL, and will refer to the USDA FRPL guidelines.
If a student qualifies in the application year, the information is not required to be updated throughout the middle and high school years. However, income will be verified using the FAFSA upon college enrollment. See WAC 250-84-060, eligibility for receipt of scholarship.
(3) Eligible applications are considered complete when the signed pledge has been received by the board.
(a) A student must sign a pledge during seventh or eighth grade that commits them to:
(i) Graduate from high school with at least a C average.
(ii) No felony convictions.
(b) The section of the application that indicates eligibility must be completed.
(c) The pledge must be signed by a parent or legal guardian to attest the information is true and accurate.
(d) The signature page for the electronic application, or the signed paper application, must be received by the board.
(e) The deadline for the application is June 30th of the student's eighth grade year.
(i) Electronic applications must be received by June 30th and paper applications must be postmarked by June 30th.
(ii) Missing information for applications received on or before June 30th will be accepted until the student enters the ninth grade year.
Exceptions to the deadline will be made on a case-by-case basis by the board based on extenuating circumstances.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.76.670. WSR 10-17-080, ยง 250-84-030, filed 8/16/10, effective 9/16/10.]
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