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PDFWAC 250-84-040

Program promotion to eligible students.

The role of the office, OSPI and school districts related to notification to students, families, and school personnel about the college bound scholarship is defined under chapter 28B.118 RCW.
(1) The office shall work collaboratively with statewide partners to support students and their families in signing up for the college bound scholarship and pursue college after high school. These partners could include, but are not limited to, K-12 staff, professional associations, and college access programs.
(2) The office will provide the official program language and requirements to students, families, and these partners by creating publications for, and communicating with, students, families, and stakeholders as needed.
(a) The office will communicate with college bound students as may be additionally required in RCW 28B.118.040.
(b) The office shall develop and distribute information regarding the scholarship and materials to support sign-up, in partnership with OSPI, districts, and other nonprofit organizations and agencies, to all schools with students enrolled in seventh, eighth, or ninth grade.
(3) The role of OSPI is to notify elementary, middle, and junior high schools about the college bound scholarship program using methods in place for communicating with schools and school districts.
OSPI will encourage schools and districts to target communications to eligible students to the greatest extent possible.
(4) The role of each school district is to notify students, parents, teachers, school counselors, and principals about the Washington college bound scholarship program through existing channels.
Methods may include, but are not limited to, personalized letters, digital media as available, integrating the application into student conferences, or holding sign-up events.
Notification methods may also include, but are not limited to, regular school district and building communications, online scholarship bulletins and announcements, notices posted on school walls and bulletin boards, information available in each counselor's office, and school or district scholarship information sessions.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.118.060. WSR 20-12-051, § 250-84-040, filed 5/29/20, effective 6/29/20. Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.76.670. WSR 10-17-080, § 250-84-040, filed 8/16/10, effective 9/16/10.]
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