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PDFWAC 250-28-060

Program definitions.

(1) "Budgetary cost" shall consist of that amount required to support an individual as a student, taking into consideration cost factors for maintaining the student's dependents. Budgets will reflect the latest recognized cost levels for room and board, transportation, books, supplies, personal expenses and any other factors deemed necessary for consideration.
(2) "Certification" is the designation used by the state to declare that a student is eligible for support if that student is admitted to a participating institution.
(3) The term "financial need" shall be the difference between the appropriate budgetary cost and the student's total family contribution, as determined according to the federal methodology system of need analysis.
(4) A "participating institution" shall be one recognized by the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education to participate in this program.
(5) The term "Washington resident" shall mean an individual who has satisfied the requirements of domicile in the state of Washington in accordance with RCW 28B.15.011 through 28B.15.014.
(6) The definition of "satisfactory progress" toward degree completion shall be in accordance with published definitions utilized by each participating institution.
(7) "Total family contribution" for a dependent student shall mean the sum of the assumed parent and student contribution. For a self-supporting student, "total family contribution" shall mean the sum of the student's resources.
(8) The definition of "dependent student" and "self-supporting student" shall be in accordance with definitions utilized by the United States Office of Education for its institutionally-based financial aid programs.
(9) A "designated shortage area" shall mean an area designated by the higher education coordinating board as having a shortage in primary or optometric health care in the state of Washington, as recommended by the department of health.
[Statutory Authority: 1995 c 217. WSR 95-18-015, § 250-28-060, filed 8/24/95, effective 9/24/95. Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.80.150 - [28B.80.]180. WSR 95-11-059, § 250-28-060, filed 5/12/95, effective 6/12/95; Order 6-77, § 250-28-060, filed 9/6/77.]
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