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PDFWAC 250-28-070

Award determination.

(1) Student eligibility.
(a) A student certified to receive assistance through this program must meet Washington residency requirements. Residency requirements must have been satisfied by the application deadline.
(b) Each student must make separate application to an eligible participating school for admission or be enrolled in a participating school.
(c) Each student supported through this program must maintain satisfactory progress toward degree completion.
(2) Application procedure.
(a) Each student should obtain appropriate application and need analysis forms from the certifying officer, complete and return the forms by the appropriate deadline.
(b) Deadlines for application will be established in accordance with Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education guidelines.
(3) Allocation of awards. To the extent practicable the board will award equal numbers of eligible optometry and osteopathy students.
(4) Award priorities.
(a) The state will continue to support certified students as long as they continue to make satisfactory academic progress toward the award of their professional degrees.
(b) Applicants will be placed in rank order according to their financial need as determined by the federal methodology system of need analysis. Those students with greater financial need will be offered priority over those with lesser financial need.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.80.150 - [28B.80.]180. WSR 95-11-059, § 250-28-070, filed 5/12/95, effective 6/12/95. Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.10.806. WSR 79-11-032 (Order 12-79, Resolution 80-20), § 250-28-070, filed 10/11/79; Order 6-77, § 250-28-070, filed 9/6/77.]
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