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PDFWAC 246-840-557

Commission action following commission site visit, complaint investigation, or national accreditation visits of nursing education programs located in Washington state.

(1) When a matter directly concerning a nursing education program is being considered by the commission, any commission member associated with the program shall not participate in the deliberation or decision-making action of the commission.
(2) The commission shall evaluate each program in terms of its conformance to the nursing education standards in this chapter.
(3) Within thirty days of the commission's decision, the commission shall give written notice to the educational institution regarding its decision on the nursing education program's approval status, including the nurse administrator, the president and provost or vice president of instruction.
(4) The commission shall grant continuing full approval to a nursing education program meeting the requirements of the law and this chapter. Full approval may carry recommendations for improvement and for correcting deficiencies.
(5) If the commission determines an approved nursing education program is not maintaining the education standards required for approval, the commission shall give written notice specifying the deficiencies and shall designate the period of time in which the deficiencies must be corrected.
(6) The commission may require the program to submit a plan of correction, or the commission may issue a directed plan of correction.
(7) The commission may limit student numbers or deny admission of new students if the program has insufficient resources, including faculty or program administration.
(8) The commission may withdraw program approval if the program fails to correct the deficiencies within the specified period of time.
(9) The commission may summarily suspend approval of a program if circumstances constituting an immediate threat to public safety are present.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 18.79.010, 18.79.110, 18.79.150, 18.79.190, and 18.79.240. WSR 16-17-082, ยง 246-840-557, filed 8/17/16, effective 9/17/16.]
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