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PDFWAC 246-780-010


The definitions in this section apply throughout this chapter unless the context clearly implies otherwise.
(1) "Authorized" or "authorization" means an applicant has met the selection criteria and has been issued a signed contract with the department allowing participation in the FMNP.
(2) "Authorized farm store" means a store or stand authorized by the department which is located at the site of agricultural production and is owned, leased, rented, or sharecropped and operated by an authorized grower where produce is sold directly to consumers.
(3) "Authorized farmers' market" means a farmers' market authorized by the department that has a minimum of five or more authorized growers who assemble at a defined location for the purpose of selling their produce directly to consumers.
(4) "Authorized grower" means an individual authorized by the department who grows a portion of the produce that they sell at a Washington state authorized farmers' market or authorized farm store.
(5) "Broker" or "wholesale distributor" means an individual or business who exclusively sells produce grown by others. There is an exception for an individual employed by an authorized grower or nonprofit organization to sell produce on behalf of authorized growers.
(6) "Check" means a negotiable financial instrument issued by the FMNP to clients to purchase eligible foods.
(7) "Contract" means a written legal document binding the contractor and the department to designated terms and conditions.
(8) "Cut herbs" means fresh herbs with no medicinal value that are not potted.
(9) "Department" means the Washington state department of health.
(10) "Disqualification" means terminating the contract of an authorized farmers' market, authorized grower or authorized farm store for noncompliance with FMNP requirements.
(11) "Eligible foods" means locally grown, unprocessed (except for washing), fresh, nutritious fruits, vegetables, and cut herbs.
(12) "FMNP" means the farmers' market nutrition program.
(13) "Local WIC agency" means the contracted agency or clinic where a client receives WIC services and farmers' market checks.
(14) "Locally grown" means Washington grown or grown in an adjacent county of Idaho or Oregon.
(15) "Market manager" means an individual designated by the farmers' market management or board member who is responsible for overseeing the market's participation in the FMNP.
(16) "Trafficking" means the buying or exchanging of farmers' market checks for cash, drugs, or alcohol.
(17) "WIC" or "WIC nutrition program" means the federally funded special supplemental nutrition program for women, infants, and children administered in Washington state by the department of health.
(18) "Client" means a woman, infant, or child receiving FMNP benefits.
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