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PDFWAC 246-560-050

Criteria for inviting applications.

(1) The project addresses at least one of the goals of the health systems resources program, as described in WAC 246-560-001.
(2) The project addresses needed improvements in the delivery of basic health care services, including preventive services.
(3) The project reflects a cooperative approach, which may involve several organizations, categories of health care providers, or communities.
(4) The project can serve as a model for other communities.
(5) The project reflects priorities established for a particular funding cycle as set forth in the application materials.
(6) The project addresses access to basic health care services in an area where access is severely limited or inadequate; and
(7) If recruitment and retention of providers is identified as an outcome the application demonstrates:
(a) Recruitment and retention problems have been chronic; or
(b) The community is in need of primary care practitioners; or
(c) The community has unmet health care needs for specific target populations; and
(d) There is a fifty percent local funding match.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 70.175.010 - [70.175.]090 and 70.185.030 - [70.185.]080. WSR 99-03-043, § 246-560-050, filed 1/14/99, effective 2/14/99. Statutory Authority: Chapter 70.175 RCW. WSR 91-16-108 (Order 186), § 246-560-050, filed 8/7/91, effective 9/7/91.]
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