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PDFWAC 246-560-045

Letter of interest review and action.

(1) Reviewers shall score letters of interest independently using a scoring system established by the department, which is incorporated by reference.
(2) Copies of the scoring system may be requested by writing to the Washington State Department of Health, Office of Community and Rural Health, P.O. Box 47834, Olympia, Washington 98504-7834.
(3) The director of the office of community and rural health shall make the final decision regarding letters of interest based on letter of interest scores and the best utilization of resources to promote the goals of the program.
(4) The department will send a written response to all interested parties who submit a letter of interest.
(5) The department may invite applications from some, none, or all of the interested parties who submit a letter of interest.
(a) The invitation will include:
(i) Application content outline;
(ii) Directions for completing applications; and
(iii) Any letter of interest review comments to be addressed in the application.
(b) The department may request combining activities proposed by different interested parties for inclusion in a single application to:
(i) Avoid duplication;
(ii) Increase cooperation; or
(iii) Strengthen the overall health care delivery system serving the catchment area.
(c) The department will set a due date for receipt of applications.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 70.175.010 - [70.175.]090 and 70.185.030 - [70.185.]080. WSR 99-03-043, ยง 246-560-045, filed 1/14/99, effective 2/14/99.]
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