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PDFWAC 246-490-081

Delayed birth certificateDocumentary evidence required.

(1) If the person is under age twelve, the facts concerning date of birth, place and parentage of birth must be established by at least two pieces of documentary evidence, only one of which may be a sworn statement; or
(2) If the person is age twelve and over, the facts concerning date of birth and place must be established by at least three pieces of documentary evidence, only one of which may be a sworn statement. One piece of documentary evidence must establish parentage.
(3) Documentary evidence for establishing parentage is required for both parents if more than one parent is to be listed on the request. If the parents were not married at the time of birth or during the pregnancy and the person is under age eighteen, a paternity acknowledgment or court order is required to include the second parent on the delayed birth certificate.
(4) The documentary evidence must be from independent sources and must have been established prior to the person's fourth birthday or be at least five years old, or based on records established at least five years prior to the date of the request.
(5) Documentary evidence may include, but is not limited to, the following:
(a) Military records;
(b) Numident report, which is a Social Security Administration report of information from the original application for Social Security card;
(c) Hospital or medical records;
(d) Federal census records;
(e) School enrollment records;
(f) Newspaper notice of birth with the date published and name of paper on the same page;
(g) Voter registration application that includes name, date, and place of birth;
(h) A sworn statement as defined in subsection (6) of this section;
(i) A combination of documents deemed adequate by the state registrar for establishing the facts concerning the birth.
(6) A sworn statement must made by a person who has knowledge of the facts of birth. The statement must be on a form provided by the state registrar, notarized by an authorized notary public, and include:
(a) The full name of the person whose birth is being registered;
(b) The names of his or her parent(s);
(c) Marital status of parent(s) during the pregnancy or at the time of birth;
(d) The date and place of birth of the person whose birth is being registered;
(e) A detailed statement of how the person knows the facts to be true.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.70.150, 70.58.082. WSR 15-19-058, § 246-490-081, filed 9/11/15, effective 11/1/15.]
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