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PDFWAC 246-292-090

Renewal of certificates.

(1) Certificates are valid until December 31st each year, except that an initial certificate issued after October 1st will be valid through the following calendar year.
(2) To renew a certificate, a certified operator shall submit to the department:
(a) The annual renewal fee as specified in WAC 246-292-995;
(b) The original annual renewal notice, and if applicable;
(c) Updated information on the renewal notice, including water system name and identification number for any change in the specific public water systems operated by the certified operator; and
(d) Completed professional growth documentation as required in WAC 246-292-095(3).
(3) A certified operator that fails to renew a certificate by January 1st shall pay a late fee as specified in WAC 246-292-995, Table 8. The department shall notify the operator that the certificate is temporarily valid for two months, beginning January 1st. A temporarily valid certificate not renewed by the last day of February becomes invalid on March 1st. The department shall notify the operator in writing when a temporarily valid certificate is invalidated.
(4) A certified operator whose failure to renew results in an invalid certificate may reapply for certification and shall meet the requirements for a new certificate in WAC 246-292-060 and 246-292-070.
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