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PDFWAC 246-292-095

Professional growth.

(1) A BTO, CCS, WDS, WDM, or WTPO shall demonstrate professional growth during each professional growth reporting period of at least three years, and complete the requirements by December 31st, as follows:
(a) Accumulate a minimum of three CEU or college credits meeting the definition of relevant water system training in WAC 246-292-010;
(b) Advance as a WDM or WTPO by examination to a higher level classification; or
(c) Achieve certification by examination in a different classification as follows:
(i) A BTO obtains a CCS, WDM, or WTPO certification;
(ii) A CCS obtains a WDS, WDM, or WTPO certification;
(iii) A WDM obtains a CCS or WTPO certification;
(iv) A WDS obtains a CCS, WDM, or WTPO certification; or
(v) A WTPO obtains a CCS or WDM certification.
(2) A certified BAT shall demonstrate professional growth by passing the department's BAT professional growth examination during each professional growth reporting period.
(3) All certified operators shall submit professional growth documentation to the department or its designee by February 15th following the end of the professional growth period.
(4) The department shall determine if training meets the relevant water system training requirements of WAC 246-292-060. If the department determines that training does not meet the definition, the certified operator may request a relevancy review.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 70.119.050 and chapter 70.119 RCW. WSR 14-01-003, ยง 246-292-095, filed 12/4/13, effective 1/4/14.]
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