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PDFWAC 246-290-672

Interim treatment requirements.

(1) Purveyors of existing unfiltered systems installing filtration shall provide interim disinfection treatment to:
(a) Ensure compliance with the monthly coliform MCL under WAC 246-290-310;
(b) Achieve inactivation levels of Giardia lamblia cysts on a daily basis each month the system serves water to the public as directed by the department; and
(c) Maintain a detectable residual disinfectant concentration in the distribution system, measured as total chlorine, free chlorine, or combined chlorine in 95 percent or more of the samples taken each calendar month. The department may approve a written request to use a lower value. At a minimum, the request to use a lower value must identify the instrument used to measure the residual disinfectant concentration and include the manufacturer's documentation on the instrument's accuracy to measure the lower value.
(d) Water in the distribution system with an HPC level less than or equal to 500 organisms/ml is considered to have a detectable residual disinfectant concentration for the purposes of compliance with this subsection.
(2) Failure to provide the required level of inactivation in subsection (1)(b) of this section on more than one day in any calendar month shall be considered a treatment technique violation.
(3) The department may require the purveyor to provide higher levels of treatment than specified in subsection (1)(b) of this section when necessary to protect the health of consumers served by the public water system.
(4) Interim treatment requirements shall be met in accordance with a schedule acceptable to the department.
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