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PDFWAC 246-290-670

Compliance requirements for existing unfiltered systems installing filtration.

(1) The purveyor of an existing unfiltered system shall:
(a) Install filtration within eighteen months after department notification; and
(b) Be subject to the interim compliance requirements as determined by the department and in conformance with 40 C.F.R. 141.13 and WAC 246-290-632.
(2) The purveyor under an enforcement action or compliance agreement that is dated prior to the effective date of Part 6 of chapter 246-290 WAC, shall adhere to the compliance schedule for installation of filtration established in the departmental order or bilateral compliance agreement in lieu of the dates specified in subsection (1) of this section.
(3) The purveyor required to install filtration shall submit an action plan and schedule to the department for review and approval. The plan shall:
(a) Be submitted within ninety days of departmental notification; and
(b) Document the purveyor's plan and implementation schedule to comply with one of the following:
(i) Subparts A and B of Part 6 of chapter 246-290 WAC, if continuing to use the surface or GWI source as a permanent source and installing filtration;
(ii) Subparts A and D of Part 6 of chapter 246-290 WAC, if abandoning the surface or GWI source and purchasing completely treated water from a department-approved public water system using surface or GWI water; or
(iii) All other applicable sections of this chapter, if abandoning the surface or GWI source and developing an alternate department-approved groundwater source.
(4) Between written departmental notification of the filtration requirement and installation of filtration, the purveyor shall meet:
(a) The interim disinfection requirements under WAC 246-290-672 or as otherwise directed by the department;
(b) The interim monitoring and reporting requirements under WAC 246-290-674; and
(c) All other applicable requirements of this chapter.
(5) The purveyor installing filtration shall ensure that when completed, the final treatment processes, consisting of filtration and disinfection, will comply with the requirements under WAC 246-290-660 and 246-290-662, respectively.
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