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PDFWAC 246-290-120

Construction documents.

(1) Construction documents shall identify how specific projects will be constructed while satisfying the requirements and conditions established in the project report and/or the water system plan.
(2) Purveyors shall submit construction documents to the department and obtain written approval prior to construction of any new water system, or water system extension or improvement. Exceptions to this requirement are listed in WAC 246-290-125.
(3) Construction documents submitted for approval by purveyors who are required to have a water system plan will not be considered for approval unless a current, approved water system plan that adequately addresses the project is on file with the department. In the event that a purveyor of an existing system does not have a water system plan, the department may enter into a compliance agreement with the purveyor that grants a time extension to complete the water system plan.
(4) Construction documents shall be consistent with the standards identified in Part 3 of this chapter and shall include, at a minimum, the following:
(a) Drawings. Include detailed drawings of each project component;
(b) Material specifications. List detailed material specifications for each project component;
(c) Construction specifications.
(i) List detailed construction specifications and assembly techniques for carrying out the project;
(ii) Testing. Identify testing criteria and procedures for each applicable portion of the project;
(iii) Disinfection. Identify specific disinfection procedures that shall conform with AWWA standards or other standards acceptable to the department;
(iv) Inspection. Identify provisions for inspection of the installation of each project component. See WAC 246-290-040 and subsection (5) of this section for construction reporting requirements;
(d) Change orders. All significant changes shall be submitted to and approved by the department in writing. The change order must identify who will be responsible for obtaining department approval and how change orders will be reported to the department. Significant means a change in materials used, deviations from original intent of project, or changes made to the physical capacity of the project;
(e) Record drawings. Record drawings provided to the purveyor following the completion of the project shall be maintained and available to the department upon request.
(5) Purveyors shall submit a construction completion report (department form) to the department within sixty days of completion and before use of distribution-related projects in accordance with WAC 246-290-125 (3)(f), or other project approved for construction by the department. Exceptions to this requirement are projects listed in WAC 246-290-125(1). The form shall:
(a) Bear the seal, date, and signature of a professional engineer licensed in the state of Washington;
(b) State the project is constructed and is completed in accordance with department regulations and principles of standard engineering practice, including physical testing procedures, water quality tests, and disinfection practices; and
(c) Document system physical capacity to serve consumers if the project results in a change (increase or decrease) in physical capacity.
(6) The purveyor shall submit a new or updated water facilities inventory (WFI) form (department form) with the construction completion report (department form) for a new water system, whenever there are changes or additions to an existing water system that would change information of the WFI, or when required by the department.
(7) If the project results in an increase in the water system's physical capacity, the purveyor shall submit a water right self-assessment, unless the assessment has previously been submitted in a project report, water system plan, or small water system management program, that has been approved by the department. The purveyor shall take any follow-up action, as directed by the department, to determine conformance with applicable state water rights laws.
(8) Approval of construction documents shall be in effect for two years unless the department determines a need to withdraw the approval. An extension of the approval may be obtained by submitting a status report and a written schedule for completion. Extensions may be subject to additional terms and conditions imposed by the department.
(9) Purveyors of new water systems must meet the ownership requirements of WAC 246-290-035 and the water system planning requirements of WAC 246-290-100 or 246-290-105 before the department will review and approve the purveyors' construction documents.
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