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PDFWAC 246-290-110

Project report.

(1) The project report is a written document that describes why a project is being proposed and includes engineering design calculations showing how the project will meet its objectives.
(2) Purveyors shall submit project reports to the department and obtain written approval prior to installation or construction of any new water system, water system extension, or improvement. The department may require the submittal of a project report for the purpose of resolving a system operational problem. Exceptions to this requirement are listed in WAC 246-290-125.
(3) Project reports submitted for approval by purveyors who are required to have a water system plan will not be considered for approval unless a current, approved water system plan that adequately addresses the project is on file with the department. In the event that a purveyor of an existing system does not have such a water system plan, the department may enter into a compliance agreement with the purveyor that grants a time extension to complete the water system plan.
(4) Project reports shall be consistent with the standards identified in Part 3 of this chapter. Depending on the complexity and type of project or problem, the report shall include the following elements (information contained in a current water system plan or other engineering document previously approved by the department need not be duplicated, but must be specifically referenced):
(a) Project description, including:
(i) Why the project is being proposed, how problem(s) (if any) are to be addressed, and the relationship of the project to other system components;
(ii) A statement of SEPA determination of nonsignificance or justification of why SEPA does not apply to project;
(iii) Source development information under WAC 246-290-130, 246-290-132, and 246-290-135, if applicable;
(iv) Type of treatment under WAC 246-290-250, if applicable; and
(v) A summary of consumer and user complaints.
(b) Planning data. If a purveyor has a water system plan or small water system management program, the project report shall indicate the proposed project's relationship to the plan. If the purveyor is not required by WAC 246-290-100 to have a water system plan, planning related information shall include:
(i) General project background with population and water demand forecasts;
(ii) Service area map. Municipal water suppliers must identify where their water rights place of use will be expanded to their service area if the requirements under WAC 246-290-107 have been met;
(iii) How the project will impact neighboring water systems;
(iv) Local requirements, such as fire flow;
(v) Additional management responsibilities under WAC 246-290-105, 246-290-415, and chapter 246-292 WAC;
(vi) Implementation strategies or proposed construction schedule;
(vii) Estimated capital and annual operating cost, and method of financing, if applicable.
(c) An analysis of alternatives, including description of options and rationale for selecting the proposed option.
(d) A review of water quality as it relates to the purpose of the proposed project. If a project involves treatment and/or a filtration facility pilot study, refer to department guidance, reporting requirements for corrosion control under 40 C.F.R. 141.90, and tracer studies under WAC 246-290-636(5).
(e) When the project involves a new source or an increase in system physical capacity, a review of water quantity, including a water rights assessment, unless the assessment has previously been submitted in a water system plan or small water system management program that has been approved by the department. The purveyor shall take any follow-up action as directed by the department, to determine conformance with applicable state water rights laws.
(f) Engineering calculations including sizing justification, hydraulic analysis, physical capacity analysis, and other relevant technical considerations necessary to support the project.
(g) Design and construction standards, including performance standards, construction materials and methods, and sizing criteria, if applicable.
(h) Project reports for the design of treatment facilities shall include the following:
(i) Detailed design criteria and calculations to support the proposed treatment processes, process control, and process utilities; and
(ii) Proposed methods and schedules for start up, testing, and operation of the completed treatment facility.
(i) Legal considerations, such as ownership, right of way, sanitary control area (SCA), restrictive covenants, restrictions related to water use that are recorded on titles or deeds to properties, and relationship with the boundary review board and UTC.
(j) Other necessary department-determined considerations.
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