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PDFWAC 246-290-035

Water system ownership.

(1) The following requirements apply to all newly developed public water systems:
(a) Except for systems proposed within an existing water system's approved service area in a CWSSA and offered service by that existing system, any proposed new public water system must be owned or operated by a department approved satellite management agency (SMA) if one is available;
(b) The approval of any proposed new public water system shall be conditioned upon the periodic review of the system's operational history to determine its ability to meet the department's financial viability and other operating requirements. If, upon periodic review, the department determines the system is in violation of financial viability or other operating requirements, the system shall transfer ownership to an approved SMA or obtain operation and management by an approved SMA, if such ownership or operation and management can be made with reasonable economy and efficiency.
(2) An owner of a public water system who is proposing to transfer or has transferred ownership shall:
(a) Provide written notice to the department and all consumers at least one year prior to the transfer, unless the new owner agrees to an earlier date. Notification shall include a time schedule for transferring responsibilities, identification of the new owner, and under what authority the new ownership will operate. If the system is a corporation, identification of the registered agent shall also be provided;
(b) Ensure all health-related standards pursuant to this chapter are met during transfer of the utility. It shall also be the responsibility of the utility transferring ownership to inform and train the new owner regarding operation of the utility; and
(c) Comply with the operating permit requirements pursuant to chapter 246-294 WAC.
(3) The purveyor may be required to document compliance with other relevant ownership requirements, such as those pursuant to UTC jurisdiction under Title 80 RCW.
(4) No purveyor may end utility operations without providing written notice to all customers and to the department at least one year prior to termination of service. A purveyor that fails to provide such notice remains subject to the provisions of this chapter.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.20.050 and 70.119A.080. WSR 17-01-062, § 246-290-035, filed 12/14/16, effective 1/14/17. Statutory Authority: RCW 43.02.050 [43.20.050]. WSR 99-07-021, § 246-290-035, filed 3/9/99, effective 4/9/99.]
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