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PDFWAC 246-290-030

General administration.

(1) The department and the health officer for each local health jurisdiction may develop a joint plan of responsibility. Wherever in this chapter the term "department" is used, the term "health officer" may be substituted based on the terms of this joint plan of responsibility. This plan shall:
(a) List the roles and responsibilities of each agency;
(b) Specifically designate those Group A systems for which the department and local health officer have primary responsibility;
(c) Provide for an agreed-to level of public water system oversight;
(d) Be signed by the department and the local health department or district; and
(e) Be reviewed at least once every five years and updated as needed.
(2) The department shall, upon request, review and report on the adequacy of water supply supervision to both the state and local boards of health.
(3) The local board of health may adopt rules governing Group A water systems within its jurisdiction for which the health officer has assumed primary responsibility. Adopted local board of health rules shall be:
(a) No less stringent than this chapter; and
(b) Revised, if necessary, within twelve months after the effective date of revised state board of health rules. During this time period, existing local rules shall remain in effect, except provisions of the revised state board of health rules that are more stringent than the local board of health rules shall apply.
(4) For those Group A water systems where the health officer has assumed primary responsibility, the health officer may approve project reports and construction documents in accordance with engineering criteria approved by the department and listed under Part 3 of this chapter and water system plans in accordance with planning criteria listed under WAC 246-290-100.
(5) The department may develop guidance to clarify sections of the rules as needed and make these available for distribution. Guidance may be obtained by contacting the office of drinking water.
(6) Fees may be charged and collected by the department as authorized in chapter 43.20B RCW and by local health jurisdictions as authorized in RCW 70.05.060 to recover all or a portion of the costs incurred in administering this chapter or that are required to be paid under WAC 246-290-990.
(7) All state and local agencies involved in review, approval, surveillance, testing, or operation of public water systems, or issuance of permits for buildings or sewage systems shall be governed by these rules and any decisions of the department.
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