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PDFWAC 246-254-010

Definitions, abbreviations, and acronyms.

The definitions, abbreviations, and acronyms in this section and in WAC 246-220-010 apply throughout this chapter unless the context clearly indicates otherwise.
(1) "Application" means a completed RHF-1 or equivalent with supporting documentation requesting the department to grant authority to receive, possess, use, transfer, own or acquire radioactive material. For radiation machine facility registrations, "application" means the forms used by BLS.
(2) "BLS" means the department of revenue's business licensing service.
(3) "Compliance inspection" means a routinely scheduled visit to the licensee's facility and/or temporary job site(s) for the purpose of determining compliance with the radioactive material license and applicable regulations. This service is covered by the annual fee for the radioactive material license.
(4) "Department" means the department of health which has been designated as the state radiation control agency.
(5) "Direct staff time" means all work time directly applicable to or associated with a specific radioactive material licensee and includes license file review, inspection preparation, on-site visits, report writing, review and acknowledgment of correspondence, review of license applications, renewals and amendment requests, telephone contacts, and staff or management conferences specifically related to the license. Travel time is not considered direct staff time.
(6) "Emission unit" means the point of release of airborne emissions of radioactive material.
(7) "Environmental cleanup monitoring" means an on-site visit by the department to a licensee's facility or site of operation to determine the status of corrective actions to remove environmental radiation contamination resulting from the licensee's operation. Such a monitoring visit may include, but is not limited to, the review of the licensee's records pertaining to the environmental cleanup, observation of the licensee's cleanup work, sampling by the department for analysis, associated laboratory work, and the analysis of the information collected by the department.
(8) "Facility" means all buildings, structures and operations on one contiguous site using or identified by one physical location address designation.
(9) "Follow-up inspection" means an on-site visit to a licensee's facility to verify that prompt action was taken to correct significant items of noncompliance found by the department in a previous inspection. The first follow-up inspection is covered by the annual fee for the radioactive material license.
(10) "Inspection" means an official examination or observation by the department including but not limited to tests, surveys and monitoring to determine compliance with rules, regulations, orders, requirements and conditions of the department.
(11) "Investigation" means an on-site visit to a licensee's facility or site of operation when, in the department's judgment, it is required for the purpose of reviewing specific conditions, allegations, or other information regarding unusual conditions, operations, or practices. This service is covered by the annual fee for the radioactive material license.
(12) "License" means a document issued by the department in accordance with the regulations adopted by the department.
(13) "New license application" means a request to the department to use radioactive material from a person not currently a licensee or from a current licensee requesting authorization to use radioactive material in a new way such that a change of fee category is required.
(14) "Perpetual care and maintenance" means further maintenance, surveillance or other care of milling or tailings impoundment sites after termination of the site operator's decommissioning responsibilities and license.
(15) "Radiation machine facility" means each separate building, structure, and operation or buildings, structures, and operations designated by one physical address that connect through a walkway or share a common wall, where there is at least one radiation machine installed, manufactured, tested, or used. A vehicle that has one or more radiation machines installed, manufactured, tested, or used is considered a radiation machine facility.
(16) "Sealed source and device evaluation" means a radiological safety evaluation performed by the department on the design, manufacture, and test data of any single sealed source or device model for the purpose of registering the sealed source or device with the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission.
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